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 Homepages - Creating a Website

 Instructions for creating a website in Homepages

The homepages.uc.edu system utilizes cPanel for creating and updating your personal website.

If what you need is a single page site, cPanel offers a simple system called Site Publisher that allows you to choose a design and enter basic content.If you do not have a cPanel account, contact the IT@UC Service Desk to request an account.  Ask them to assign the ticket to “EAS Integration Services”.

1Access the homepages portal at https://homepages.uc.edu

2.  Select Login to your account.


3.  Once logged in, select a profile by clicking the profile icon.



4.  Click Site Publisher under the DOMAINS section.


 5.  Select one of the available templates.  The template that you select determines the content that you enter in the Customize and Publish section.


6.  You will be given a section labeled Customize and Publish.  Enter the information for your website.


7.  Once complete, click Publish to make the site available.


After selecting Publish, you will be given the option to make another site or view your site’s files.

If you choose to manage your site’s files, you will be taken to the File Manager’s view of your public_html folder where Site Publisher has created an index.html file and other related files.  From this point onward, you will interact with these files rather than the web interface unless you want to republish a different site over your current one.

You can republish your site, but Site Publisher will overwrite any file that shares the same name, including your index.html.

Your website URL will have the following format:  https://homepages.uc.edu/~username/

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