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 Homepages - Creating and Populating a Database

 Instructions for creating a database in Homepages.

Homepages.uc.edu uses the cPanel interface to create and populate MySQL databases.

We recommend that you use the MySQL Database Wizard interface to create your first database.

Create a New Database

Select MySQL Database Wizard.

1.  Enter a database name. Your account name will always prefix the database name, so the entire database name will be in the format of youraccountname_databasename. Once complete. select Next Step.


2.  Create database users by entering a username* and password for the database manager. Once complete, click Create User

*This is the username of the person who will be logging in to the database.  The username’s password must be at least 5 characters in length and have a strength of at least 65.


 3.  Add user to the database.  Select the privileges that you want to grant the user you added in step 2.  Click the Next Step button.


 4.  Complete the Task.  Select from the following options.

      Add another database – Click to return to the beginning of the MySQL Database Wizard interface to add more databases.

      Add another user for your MySQL database – Click to return to step 2 to create additional user accounts.

      Return to MySQL Databases – The MySQL Databases interface allows you to create, manage, and delete MySQL databases and database users.

      Return Home – Click to return to the cPanel Home interface.


Create Tables

 1.  Select phpMyAdmin.

Step 2.  Highlight the database name.

 3.  Enter a table name in the Name text box and enter or select the number of columns in the table.

 4.  Click Go on the right side of the page.

 5.  Enter the name, type, length, attributes, index, etc for each database column. You can add columns to the database table by entering the number of columns to add after Add and clicking the Go button.

Prior to creating your table, you may click Preview SQL in the bottom right corner of the page to view the CREATE TABLE SQL statement.

 6.  When you have completed entering the table column information, click the Save button to create your table.




Add Data to the Table

Data may be added to your table by importing a file or by manually entering data into the table.

 1.  Select phpMyAdmin.


 2.  Expand the tree in the left side of the page.

 3.  Highlight the table.

 4.  Populate your table with data. 

Import a File

1.      Select the Import tab.

2.      Browse and select the file to import.

Manually Enter Data

1.      Select the Insert tab.

2.      Enter values for each column in the table.

3.      Click Go.


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