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 Apple TV Airgroup Registration

 Instructions for registering an Apple TV for airgroup. Registering for airgroup ensures that the Apple TV will display in the list of devices in the area for airplay and airdrop.

Airgroup is a service that allows for Apple TV's to show as available for airplay, air drop and mirroring only within a select location rather than across the entire network. To use any of the functions above, your Apple TV will need to be registered.

To register your Apple TV in Airgroup:

1.   Open a web browser and visit https://airgroup.uc.edu/guest

2.   Enter your CLS credentials (6+2).



3.   Click on Create to create a device.



4.   Enter the device name. Choose something that is easy for you and your users to identify the ATV device, such as PROH-ATV-276, which includes the building code and room number in the name.



5.   Select the device type. (AppleTV or Printer)



6.   Enter the MAC address of the Apple TV device you are registering in Airgroup.


7.   Select the location the device will be shared at by selecting your AP Group under

Shared Locations.  Your AP Group is your building code or abbreviation,  proh-bldg.

Example:  zimmer would be zimm-bldg,  ERC would be engr-bldg


8.   Then click on Register Shared Device.



9.   Your device is registered. You will see your registered device name in AirPlay.


10.   Please note your device is registered for one year, which means you will need to renew your registration on or before the expiration date in order to avoid service disruption.



 If you have any questions, or require assintance, please contact the IT@UC Service Desk at (513)556-4357 or via email at: Helpdesk@uc.edu.

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