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 ArcGIS ArcView 10 Installation Instructions Windows

 Installation instructions for installing ArcGIS ArcView 10 concurrent use software.

ArcView 10 Concurrent Use Installation Instructions

*Note: You must uninstall all previous ArcGIS products and any third-­‐party extensions or tools from your machine before proceeding with the ArcGIS Desktop 10 installation. You must also uninstall your ArcGIS 9.x License Manager.

See also ArcGIS 10 Install Guide from ESRI website: http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisdesktop/10.0/install_guides/arcgis_desktop_install_guide/

Step One: Install the ArcGIS 10 License Manger

1.  Welcome – click Next.


2.    License Agreement – accept license and click Next.

3.    Destination Folder – click Next.

4.    Ready to Install – click Next.

5.    License Manager has been sucesfully installed – Click Finish.

6.    The License Server Administration tools starts. Click Authorize Now.


7.    Choose I have received an authorization file. Click Browse and select the file. Click Next.


8.     Choose Authorize now using the Internet – click Next.

9.     Authorization Information is pre-­‐populated with the name of the ESRI site administer who created the provisioning file. Do not make changes. Click next

10.   Authorization Information (cont). Choose an option for Your Organization, You Industry, Yourself click Next.

11.   Software Authorization Number – should be pre-­‐populated with ArcView license number. Click Next.

12.   Software Authorization Extensions – should be pre-­‐populated with license numbers for extensions. Click Next.

13.   Authorization Software. When completed, click Finish.

14.   ArcGIS License Server Administrator now says “License Server Status: RUNNING” in lower left corner. You can now close the administrator.



Step Two – Install ArcView on client computers

1.    Click Setup next to ArcGIS Desktop.


2.    Welcome – click Next.

3.    License Agreement – accept and click Next.

4.    Installation Type – select complete and click Next.

5.    Destination Folder – click Next.

6.    Python Destination Folder – click Next.

7.    Ready to Install – click Next

8.    Desktop 10 has been successfully installed – click Finish.

9.    The ArcGIS Administrator Wizard starts. Choose ArcView (Concurrent Use). Choose Define a License Manger now. Enter the IP name of your license manager. Click OK.


10.   The ArcGIS Administrator displays your configuration. Click OK.


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