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 Embedding Kaltura Videos using the Canopy Text Editor

 Instructions for embedding a Kaltura videos using the Canopy text editor.

This guide shows how to add media to a specific location in your Blackboard course.

1.   Navigate to the location where you would like your video to appear (i.e. learning module, blog, discussion board, etc.). The location can be anywhere you can access the text editor.

           Select the Mashups icon in the bottom row of the toolbar. (Note: if you only see the first row of buttons, click the
       double chevron button at the top right to expand the toolbar.)
     Select “Kaltura Media” (see below).


2.   The “Search for a Kaltura Media” window will appear. Under each video you will see two buttons (see below):
                 a.   Click the play button on a video to watch it prior to embedding it. 
                 b.   Click Select to choose the video to embed.

(Note: Although you can embed multiple videos, you can only embed one at a time.)

3.  Your video should now appear in the text editor (see below). Right click the yellow box and drag the corners of the box inwards or outwards to change how large the video will appear on the page.


4.  Fill in the rest of the options and click Submit.

5.  Your video will appear in the page.


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