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 Kaltura MyMedia Editing Guide

 Instructions for Editing, Clipping, and Trimming Media in Kaltura's My Media.

After recording and uploading your video, you will be able to access it under My Media on your Blackboard Dashboard.

Creating a video clip
Trimming a video

Create a Video Clip

When creating a video clip, each clip becomes its own media entry.  The clipping tool enables you to edit your videos visually or by setting the start time and end time of your clip. 

To create a video clip in My Media
1.     Select My Media and then select Edit for the media you want to clip.
2.     In the Edit window, select Create Clip which is next to the Delete button on the far right. 


3.  Using the trimming timeline, you can drag the red bar to your desired starting and ending point. You can also set the Start Time and End Time by setting the specific timestamp. 


4.  Before you save your clip, you must give it a title.  You also have the option to provide a description or tags for the clip. 

5.  You must select whether you want the clip to be Private (it is only visible to the content owner) or Published (will be visible to individuals according to entitlements on published destinations).  You can also select to publish the clip to a Gallery which includes any of the courses you have access to.  


6.      Click Create Clip and your clip will be created.  You can view your clip by returning to My Media. 

When you select Create Clip at the bottom of your screen, the clip will be saved as a separate video on My Media.  The clip will not override or delete any of your original video. When you return to My Media, you will see both your original video, as well as your clipped video.


Trimming a Video

You can trim out parts of a video from the Edit Media page.  The trimming tool enables you to edit your videos visually by setting the start time and end time of your media.

Trimming a video effects your original video.  Any changes you make will be permanent. Trimming is only available to the owner of the video and is only accessible in My Media. 

1.  Select My Media and then click Edit on the media you want to trim.
2.  Select Trim Video.

3.   Press Play and click Set Starting Point of the video or select the Start Time.
4.  Select Set Ending Point as the end point of the video or select the End Time.   
5.  Click Trim Video.  You will be prompted to confirm the trimming of your video.  Select Trim Video.  The trimmed video appears in My Media.

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