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 Kaltura: My Media Editing Guide

 Instructions for Editing in Kaltura's My Media: Clipping, Trimming Splicing and Chopping.

After recording and uploading your video, you will be able to access it by logging into Blackboard and clicking on My Media under the Tools menu in the left hand navigation pane of the My UC tab. The Kaltura Media Editor in My Media allows for users to trim the beginning or end of videos and splice then remove (chop) portions of a video out.

In this guide you can find instructions for:

·         Clipping

·         Trimming

·         Chopping/Splicing

Launching the Kaltura Media Editor

1.  Go to My Media and then click on the video or the title of the video you would like to edit.


2.  Once the video loads, click on the Actions button and select Launch Editor.


The new Kaltura editor will launch.

Left Pane: Displays your media details. The left pane may be minimized by clicking the open/close left pane button.



Right pane – Consists of:
     •   Media Player - The Kaltura Editor Player defined in the Editor Module by your system administrator.
     •   Real-Time Input
     •   Play/Pause/Skip to start/Skip to end Buttons 
     •   Preview button – marked as the eye icon
     •   Reset icon
     •   Zoom marker

Bottom pane – Includes the Timeline. - The Timeline can be zoomed in/out to allow improved granulation of the time line, and fine-tuning, and give a broader perspective when zoomed out.

To zoom in/out and reset the Timeline

1.  Drag the Zoom marker to the level of granularity you want to see.  This naturally will increase the length of the visible Timeline, since more frames will be viewable.

2.  Click the Reset Icon – to reset the Timeline to its last saved state.


When creating a media clip, each clip becomes its own media entry.  The clipping tool enables you to edit your media using the timeline or by setting the start time and end time of your new clip. 

1.  Using the handle bars at the beginning and end of the new clip, drag the bars to where you would like the video to start and stop.


2.  Click Save A Copy. This will create a new clip.



3.  Enter a title. You can either use the suggested title (indicating that this video is a clip) or create a new title. A confirmation box is displayed, and the new media appears in My Media.




Trimming enables you to edit the start time and end time of your media. Trimming a video effects your original video.  Any changes you make will be permanent. 


1.  Using the handle bars at the beginning and end of the clip, drag the bars to where you would like the video to start and stop.


2.  Click Save. This will not preserve the original clip.




3.  Click Save.



Chopping and splicing refers to removing a section from the middle of the video and placing the remaining two sections to form one new, shorter video.

1.     Drag the blue marker to where the section you’d like to remove begins


2.     Click the scissor icon. This will split the video into 2 parts.


3.     Move the marker to where the section you’d like to remove ends. Click the scissor icon again.


4.     The section you want to remove will have a yellow border around it. If it doesn’t, click anywhere in the section. Click the trash can icon to the left.



5.     The section will disappear. Click and drag the right section to the left until it’s against the left section



6.     Click Save to replace the original video, or Save a Copy to preserve the original.


7.     You can also remove the middle section by clicking the scissor icon at the beginning of the section to be removed, then clicking the Set In button (the middle button in the blue box). Drag the right section of the video to the left like before.

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