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 Reactivate Duo Mobile

 Instructions for reactivating duo mobile

If you need to reactivate Duo Mobile for one of the following reasons, please use the steps below:
  You have used Duo Mobile before, but got a new phone (same phone number)
    Note: If you got a new phone, with a different phone number, please use the Add a new device option instead.
  You have used Duo Mobile before, but accidentally deleted the app.
  You registered a smart phone with Duo, but did not finish setting up Duo Mobile and want to now.
    Note: Duo Mobile cannot be downloaded onto a generic cell phone (non-smartphone), because it is a smartphone app.
    Note: If you previously registered your smartphone as Mobile Phone (rather than iPhone, Android, or Windows), you will need to use the Add a new device option 

To reactive Duo Mobile: 

1.  Go to https://webapps2.uc.edu/getduo, click Enroll/Manage Duo, and Sign in.
     Note: If you are already signed in, you will need to sign out before completing this step.
2.  On the left of the sign-in page, select My Settings & Devices.
3.  Choose an authentication method (Send Me a Push, Call Me, or Enter a Passcode), and finish signing in.
     Note: Since Duo Mobile is not working, you will need to choose either Call Me or Enter a Passcode (because Send Me a Push requires Duo Mobile)
4.  On the top, you will see a list of your registered devices. Find the one you want to use Duo Mobile with, and then select Device Options.
5.  Push Reactivate Duo Mobile.
6.  Indicate what type of phone the associated phone number belongs to, and push Continue.
7.  On your phone, download and install the app Duo Mobile.
8.  On your computer, push I have Duo Mobile installed.
9.  On your phone, open Duo Mobile, tap the + button (On Android, it is a key AND a plus) at the top right.
10.  Allow Duo Mobile to access your camera.
11.  Scan the barcode that appears on your computer screen.
       Note: If, for any reason, you cannot scan the QR code (No Wi-Fi, do not want Duo Mobile to access your camera, etc.):
       1. Click Or, have an activation link emailed to you instead (on your computer screen).
       2. Type your email address into the text box.
       3. Push Send email.
       4. Open your email ON YOUR DEVICE.
       Note: If you open the email on your computer, it will not work. You have to open it on the device you are trying to connect to Duo Mobile.
       5. Click the link in the email.
12.  Push Continue.


If you need further assistance, please contact the Integrated Service Desk at 513-556–HELP (4357).

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