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 Accessing the Common Read

 Instructions for accessing the 2018 Common read on Bookshelf.

Each summer new UC students, along with their teachers and mentors, read a book that prompts thoughtful discussion about matters of importance for the Bearcat community. You can learn more about the UC Common Read by visiting https://www.uc.edu/fye/FYCommonReading.html.

Below we will walk through the steps for activating a copy of the Common Read title on Bookshelf.

1.  Visit http://canopy.uc.edu.

2.  Login to Blackboard using your central login service (CLS) credentials.

3.  Under My Courses locate and click on UC18_Common_Read_001: Common Read 2018.

4.  Once the course has loaded, locate and click on the Common Read link in the menu area found on the left side of the

5.  Next you will see the Common Read page. On this page, click on the title of the Common Read book to launch
     Bookshelf Web.

6.  You will be warned you are leaving Blackboard. Click the launch button to move on to Bookshelf Web.

7.  On the page titled “Welcome to BryteWave” enter your UC email address and click continue
     *Note: the format of your UC email address is username@mail.uc.edu

8.  Finally, you will reach the You’re Almost Done! page. On this page, complete the account creation form, and click
     *Note: This password does not sync with your UC password. Please take note of this password as you will need it
       throughout your time at UC.

9.  Congratulations! You now have access to the Common Read and an account to login to the Bookshelf app that can
downloaded to multiple devices.

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