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 UC_Secure Setup Instructions for Linux

 Instructions for connecting to the UC_Secure wireless network on Linux.

*Note: The following instructions are accurate for most distributions of Linux, however the user interface can vary.

**Note: that your version of Linux will require WPA2-Enterprise capabilities. Please ensure your computer has all system updates installed prior to configuring UC_Secure.


1.  Navigate to the Network Connections Window. In most distributions of Linux It will look something like this. 

   Machine generated alternative text:Network Connectionsp  Wired  Wireless T Mobile Broadbandl  VPN  DSLName !Delete,..Close 

2.  Click on the Wireless tab.
3.  Click Add
4.  You will be taken to an Editing (Network Name) window with several tabs.

5.  On the Wireless tab ensure the following details are entered/selected.



Connection name: UC_Secure

SSID: UC_Secure

Mode: Infrastructure

BSSID: Leave Blank

Device MAC Address: Leave Blank

Cloned MAC Address: Leave Blank

MTU: Automatic


6.  Click the Wireless Security tab. Ensure the following details are entered/selected.


Security: WPA & WPA2 Enterprise

Authentication: Protected EAP (PEAP)

Anonymous Identity: Leave Blank

CA Certificate: (None)

PEAP Version: Automatic

Inner Authentication: MSCHAPv2

Username: Your 6+2 UC username

Password: Your Central Login Service (CLS) Password


7.  Click “Save…” to save the connection settings.


8.  You should now be prompted with a warning that you did not choose a Certificate Authority.

     Check the box for Don't warn me again and then click Ignore

    Machine generated alternative text:No Certificate Authority certificate chosenNot using a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate can result in connections toinsecure, rogue wireless networks. Would you like to choose a CertificateAuthority certificate?Dont warn me againignore  Choose CA Certificate


9.  UC_Secure should now be successfully configured, and you should connect automatically when you are within range!



If you have any questions or issues with the UC_Secure setup instructions, please contact our Help Desk at (513)556-Help (4357).

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