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 Echo360 Active Learning Platform

 Echo360's Active Learning Platform, or ALP, is the university's enterprise tool for classroom capture. It also allows instructors to create and upload content – before or during class – and students to access it anytime, anywhere, from any device.


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    •   What does this mean for students?

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What is Echo360 ALP?

Echo360 ALP is an integrated system, which encompasses lecture capture and active learning tools. Echo360 ALP allows for active engagement of students before, during and after class by utilizing features that allow students to interact with the content in ways that were previously disjointed and self-driven.


Where can instructors use Echo360 ALP?

The University of Cincinnati provides Echo360 ALP appliances in some classrooms. These appliances make lecture capture easier by automating the recording of lectures. For a complete list of classrooms with Echo360 ALP appliances, please click HERE.


For classrooms which do not have an appliance, instructors can use the personal capture option.


Both the lecture capture and the personal capture provide the ability to add interactive questions, polling, and student notetaking.


What does this mean for instructors?

From the instructor standpoint, the system gives an immediate aggregation of high-level data from which just in time resources or further clarification can be made. It also provides a platform for the engagement and purposeful use of the devices that students bring to class.  Included in Echo360 ALP is a response system, more robust than the clicker-based systems, which allows for not only multiple choice questions, but also drag-and-drop and image-based questions.  Instructors can view and answer questions during or after class.  The instructor can also configure the system to assign an "engagement score" to the students based on the number of questions asked, notes taken, etc.


What does this mean for students?

For students, this means that, on practically any device, they can preview or follow along with the instructor's presentations, taking notes and asking questions, both of which get time stamped against the recording of the lecture in class and the particular slide in the presentation.  Students can also flag certain content as confusing so the instructor gets an idea of what he/she needs to clarify.  After all of the notes and questions are entered, the student immediately has access to a customized, context-specific study guide based on his/her interactions.  This helps the students to take a more active role in their preparation and studies.


Training, Workshops, and other support

A variety of resources are available to help faculty, staff and students use Echo360. To see these, go to this URL:  https://kb.uc.edu/kbarticles/Echo360-Training.aspx


This includes information about training courses and self-study guides.


KBs about Getting Started with Echo360 ALP


• Activate Echo360 ALP for your Blackboard course.

             URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-BbActivation.aspx

• Link an Echo360 ALP section to your Blackboard section so students can view captures straight from 

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPSectionBbLink.aspx

• Familiarize yourself with Echo360 ALP's homepage by viewing the Instructor Access Guide.

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPInstructor1.aspx

• Understand classes and how to add a class to a course by viewing the Instructor Course Guide.

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPInstructor2.aspx

• Create captures outside of the classroom with Personal Capture (PCAP).

            Personal Capture Setup: Mac  Windows PC


• Navigate Echo360 ALP's homepage more easily to find specific courses and captures.

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPStudent1.aspx   

• Learn to view presentations to come prepared to your next class.

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPStudent2.aspx

• Respond to questions, take notes, bookmark content and more with ALP's student tools.

            URL: https://kb.uc.edu/KBArticles/Echo360-ALPStudent4.aspx


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